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Pivot-20 progression plan

Pivoting IS NOT just ‘moving your normal business online’. That is digitisation and it has been coming for quite a while so if that’s what you’re doing now, you’re playing catch up.


Pivoting IS NOT ‘finding new business ventures because your old business is now dead’. That is entrepreneurship and it is going to remain an important skill for the rest of the 2020s.


Pivoting IS NOT ‘giving away your stuff for free’. That is madness. Giving your content away for free because you don’t know what else to do is showing what your stuff is really worth.

Whichever way, doing what everyone else is doing won’t get you through the Covid-19 Era…


Pivoting IS adapting your business fundamentally and completely to new realities, so that you will survive and prosper…


Welcome to The Pivot-20 Progression Plan


The only comprehensive strategy in the market today that can give you a chance at the future security you really want for you, your business and your family.

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How to adapt your business to the new normal.


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How to adapt your business to the new normal.

© Copyright 2020. Peter Turley

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